Equifax Data Breach Settlement Agreement

The Equifax data breach in 2017 was one of the biggest cyber attacks in history, affecting 147 million people. The personal information of millions of Americans, including Social Security numbers, birth dates, and addresses, was compromised in the breach. In response to this, Equifax has agreed to a settlement agreement to provide compensation to those affected by the breach.

Under the settlement agreement, Equifax will pay up to $425 million in restitution to those who were affected by the data breach. This includes a variety of benefits such as credit monitoring and identity theft protection services. Those who were impacted by the breach will also be eligible for free credit reports and credit score monitoring for up to 10 years.

Additionally, individuals who suffered financial losses as a result of the data breach may be able to receive up to $20,000 in compensation for out-of-pocket expenses, lost wages, and other damages. The settlement agreement also includes provisions for those who spent time dealing with the fallout from the breach, such as time spent resolving fraudulent activity on their accounts.

The settlement agreement has been approved by a federal court, and affected individuals can begin submitting claims for compensation. The deadline for filing a claim is January 22, 2020, so it’s important for those affected to act quickly. Claims can be submitted online or by mail.

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