Qlik sense Services

Qlik Sense is a platform where you can analyze data and make data reports on your own. This data can be easily shared and analyzed in groups and across companies or organizations. Qlik Sense enables you and your colleagues to reach decisions collectively. It works with an associative QIX engine that authorized the user to connect and associate data from different sources and performs dynamic searches and selections.

At IT Offshore Support Company, we take our client’s requirements in building interactive dashboards and reports as it has augmented graphics that help in the effective visualization of data. We deliver unique and elegant solutions to depict seemingly complex analyses, with the help of our Qlik Sense expert and consultant team.


We specialize in dashboard and data development and report distribution to support reporting needs, mashups, extensions, and customizations. If you are looking to implement Qlik Sense for the first time, need some training, want to migrate to Qlik Sense, or want a review of your existing implementation, we can help you get the most out of it.